International Accreditation Authority
International Accreditation Authority


International Accreditation Authority

Bachelor of Vastu Architecture 

Degree course (B.Arch)

Entry qualification requirements:

Completion of Green Vastu Diploma course

It is mandatory to have CAD experience

Time duration: 

4 semester course (Each semester of 6 months) 

Total 2 years

Course description:

1. Graphic design:

Learn “Yantra” design and its effect and create graphic forms 

2. Learn clay or wooden sculpture studying temple’s sculpture proportion

3. Study Vedic painting and learn technic to draw such art work

4. Design studio – 1 (Second semester)

Design 3 bed rooms house with vastu fence and site layout 

5. Design studio-2 (Third semester)

Design multi storied flat on busy highway of Ahmedabad with Vastu principles

6. Design studio-3 (Forth semester)

Design Ayur Vedic clinic in Ahmedabad with Vastu principles

7. Design studio-4 (Final year project – 5th and 6th semester)

Design Vedic city in 700 acres land Includes: 

  • Ayurvedic clinic
  • 70 Vastu homes
  • Yoga center
  • Vedic observatory
  • Manmade ponds and Vedic gardens
  • Non-pollution environmental design
  • Solar electric carpark
  • Community organic and non-genetic food shopping center
  • Temples
  • Community organic garden

8. Brief history of Vastu Architecture of places in the world

9. Basic building structure design

10. Learn fundamental of building mechanical system design with Vastu principles

11.  Basic electrical design with Vastu principles

12.  Building plumbing design with Vastu principles

13.  Learn  vedic various puja during building construction

14.  Understanding of how to design Jyotish chart and its relationship with Vastu Building design 

15.  Ayur Ved and its relationship with Vastu building

Course Director / Instructor

Prof. Deepak Bakshi, M.Archis an adjunct professor at Hindu University. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. He is President of Vastu Green Building Studio, USA and Director of Vastu Green Building Institute, USA. He is also chairman of“Jyotirmaya Institute of Research and Learning”, Ahmedabad, India.  Mr. Bakshi has designed 245 custom homes, six temples and a dozen light commercial projects throughout the world. For the last 10 years, he has been providing Green Vastu workshops and certificate and diploma courses in South America and Asia. Mr. Bakshi received the Iowa Energy Leadership Award from the the state of Iowa, USA (1994) and the“Viswakarma Award” from AAPNA, Inc., USA (2010).
Phone: 1-641-469-6307