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International Accreditation Authority

Green Vastu Certificate (GVC) Course
What will you learn?
  • You will learn history of Vastu knowledge through Vedic civilization in Mohenjo-daro and Harappa city. 
  • You will learn how to select type of land and best location in which part of the city.
  • Also learn criteria of selecting a land. 
  • How to decide proportion of proposed house and decide orientation. 
  • To learn, how to decide to locate each function in the house.  
  • Learn to understand Jyotish knowledge. 
  • Also you will be provided an applet to calculate house proportion and Vastu fence proportion 
  • You will learn to design Vastu fence, its proportion and layout 
  • How to apply right color for interior rooms. 
  • Learn importance to provide Kalash on the roof of the house. 
  • How to select non-toxic and not out gassing materials. 

This Green Vastu Course will help those who are Architects and Engineers to apply this knowledge in their residential design practice without appointing Vastu consultant. Those who do not have background of engineering or Architecture will be able to practice as Vastu consultant and will help Architects and Engineers in their residential design. It will be to an advantage to those who don’t have Architecture or Engineering background to learn Architecture drafting prior to learn this course, but it is not require to learn this course.

Tittle of this course is “Green Vastu”.

Many past students have asked this question, that why it’s called Green as Vastu?

The answer is, this ancient Vastu knowledge was known as “Sthapatya Ved” or Sthapature Ved”. This knowledge was available in India nearly 5000 years ago. At that time, Life of living of people was simple and without toxic and outgassing materials. Also they did not have “Climate change” problem as we have. So building materials has change drastically as well environmental qualities have change. Due to this reasons we have titled this course as “Green Vastu” and you will learn about  how to apply residential design ideas with modern building design in this course.
One of the uniqueness of this course is, few years ago, Vastu consultant in India, used to do hand calculations using ancient Vastu formulas. We have been able to design Vastu home applet and Vastu fence applet so students don’t have to spend more than few minutes to get house and fence proportion as in past they used to spend some time more than a day.

More than 1000 students have learn this course in USA and in the world. After completion of this course, we recommend to learn “Green Vastu Diploma course” to gain more Green Vastu knowledge.
Course Outlines:
The distance – education course is delivered with 24 audio/video as listed below.
Duration of course is for about 15 weeks. 
Evaluating and appreciating the work of “Green Vastu Certificate Course” these virtual class room video are used for learning.

List of Video lessons:
1. Introduction: Green Vastu
2. Land selection -1, with Vastu principles
3. Land selection -2, with Vastu principles
4. How to design house – part 1
5. How to design house – part 2
6. How to design house – part 3
7. How to design house – part 4
8. Relate proposed house plan with cosmic plan
9. Marma points and its effects in cosmic plan
10. Learn house Proportion applet 
11. Importance of location of functions in house plan – part 1
12.  Importance of location of functions in house plan – part 2
13. How to design multi stories apartments with Vastu knowledge
14.How to design Vastu fence
15.Learn Vastu fence applet 
16.Vastu formula for floor height, symmetry of elevations and locations of windows and doors
17.Selection of interior colors and importance of Kalash
21.Town planning design of “Vedic city”
22.Comparision  town planning of today’s criteria  and past Vedic civilization
23.First Passive design Headquest home
24.Vedic city – Jaipur, India
Course Evaluation and Grading
On successful completion of this course, student will receive 3 credits.
Participants also receive a course completion certificate from International University of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Text material:
Along with 24 video, student will get pdf file of “Green Vastu” book published by Deepak Bakshi.

Course delivery plan:
The course is delivered with 24 video. Normally, 4 video will be sent at a time.
The responses of students will be reviewed by instructor and feedback is sent to the students.
Some Skype program will be used for live discussions.

Grading Scheme:
Final grade will be assigned according to the following scheme. 
A: 90% to 100% 
B: 80% to 89% 
C: 51% to 79% 
F: less than 50%

1st Test: after first 4 video 

2nd Test: after 8 video 

3rd Test: after 12 video 

4th Test: after 16 video 

5th Test: after completion of 20 video

Course Director

Prof. Deepak Bakshi, M.Archis an adjunct professor at Hindu University. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. He is President of Vastu Green Building Studio, USA and Director of Vastu Green Building Institute, USA. He is also chairman of“Jyotirmaya Institute of Research and Learning”, Ahmedabad, India.  Mr. Bakshi has designed 245 custom homes, six temples and a dozen light commercial projects throughout the world. For the last 10 years, he has been providing Green Vastu workshops and certificate and diploma courses in South America and Asia. Mr. Bakshi received the Iowa Energy Leadership Award from the the state of Iowa, USA (1994) and the“Viswakarma Award” from AAPNA, Inc., USA (2010).
Phone: 1-641-469-6307