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International Accreditation Authority
International Accreditation Authority


International Accreditation Authority

Green Vastu Diploma
Prerequisite: Completion of Green Vastu Certificate Course             
Duration of course: 120 hours
Tuition: $950

Description of the course:

1. Vastu fence design:

a. How to use Vastu fence proportion applet

b. What materials to use to build Vastu fence 

2. Temple Architecture:

a. Learn function of temple and its relationship with Vastu Purush Mandal

b. Learn elements of temple like Shikhar, roof, columns, steps  And its relationship with metaphor Purusha.

c. Learn sculptures of temples and its location with Hindu pantheon

d. Also learn, the Vastu proportion of each statue of divinities

e. Also see how each divinity has temple orientation as per their name and energy  

3. How to design multistory flats with Vastu knowledge 

4. Learn how to find remedies to improve Vastu of existing flats or home 

5. What is Global warming or Climate change?

a. How to remove virus and harmful particles from water

b. How to bring fresh and clean air in the building

c. How to identify toxic and out gassing materials in the building

d. Which building materials are satvic, non-toxic and not out gassing

e. Learn some satvic and natural materials used in past buildings 

6. Jaipur city – The first contemporary Vastu designed city and its town planning layout 

7. Is Taj Mahal was built with Vastu knowledge?  

8. Is Parthenon in the city Greece was built with Vastu knowledge? 

9. Find out how Mayan city in Mexico was built with Vastu knowledge 

10.  Studio-1 – Design project

Design multi-storied flat with Vastu knowledge (20 hours assignment)

Design a society in your city with 25 homes as per Vastu knowledge (25 hours)

Course Director / Instructor
Prof. Deepak Bakshi, M.Archis an adjunct professor at Hindu University. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. He is President of Vastu Green Building Studio, USA and Director of Vastu Green Building Institute, USA. He is also chairman of“Jyotirmaya Institute of Research and Learning”, Ahmedabad, India.  Mr. Bakshi has designed 245 custom homes, six temples and a dozen light commercial projects throughout the world. For the last 10 years, he has been providing Green Vastu workshops and certificate and diploma courses in South America and Asia. Mr. Bakshi received the Iowa Energy Leadership Award from the the state of Iowa, USA (1994) and the“Viswakarma Award” from AAPNA, Inc., USA (2010).
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